Vehicle Accessories for Customized Cars

Vehicle Accessories for Customized Cars


Custom 1951 Mercury Lead Sled
By dave_7 (originally posted to Flickr as 1951 Mercury) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
A customized car is a category of vehicle that has been modified or changed as per the specific requirements of owner via changing as well as adding certain auto accessories. Also known as lead sleds or simply sleds, a car or a vehicle is primarily customized to enhance performance. Sometimes, car customization even includes replacement of engine or any other such components.

In some instances, they are even customized in order to render a unique appearance to the body of the vehicle. The concept of car customization developed as a result of the hot rod movement’s outgrowth during the Depression. Hot rods are simply a term that is given to represent a car that has been customized for better appearance as well as performance. Al though it was started as a hobby, hot rodding was later transformed into a culture with its own uniqueness, clothing styles, and languages. On returning from the World War II, these rod jockeys got married and settled down, and as such, many of them were looking for a better means of transportation.

As a result, ’36-up ‘fat-fender’ cars were launched, and later, models such as ’36 3-window and ’40 and ’41 Ford coupes became very popular. But, since these guys were hot rodders, they were not able to leave these cars alone. This in turn led to the development of the concept, ‘customization.’ It became even popular during the 1950s, when shops that exclusively specialized in car customization were opened, such as the Barris Brothers and Ayala Brothers in the US.

During this era, many magazines were also introduced that promoted hot rod as well as custom cars. Apart from these, several shows were also conducted representing customized cars. But, demand for hot rods began to diminish during 1960s when new cars with enhanced engine power and speed were launched. However, customized cars are now extremely popular and are widely used across the world.

Today, a plethora of service providers are in the scenario to make you available a range of services in connection with the customization of car. Services offered with regard to car customization vary from cars to cars.

For instance, in the case of racing cars, services in connection with customization usually cover suspension geometry fabrication as well as design, overall car fabrication, repairs of chassis, providing kit car builds, and steel as well as aluminum panel fabrication. Likewise, depending upon the specifications of customers and nature of the vehicle, these service providers make available a host of customization services such as providing beautiful upholstery for cars, custom paint, fitting engines and drive trains as per the specification, repairing of drag race chassis, designing fabricating and installing fuel cells, providing custom brake and cooling systems, upgrading of chassis design, swapping of engines, powder coating, and replacement of parts to ensure enhanced performance.

Broadly speaking, car customization has been categorized into three classes such as the Good, Bad, and Ugly. As indicates, customization under the category ‘good,’ gives a better look to the vehicle. Usually, covered in this category are alloy wheels with almost modest tires, tinted windows, and spoilers of normal size.

On the other hand, anything classified as ‘bad’ must be done with caution, since it may sometimes affect visual results. This includes lowering your vehicle but without removing the splash guards, inserting plastic door edge guards, and extremely low bodyside moldings. When comes to the category, ‘ugly,’ it results in the cosmetic death of car. Included in this category are replacement of a car’s emblem with other vehicle’s emblem, replacement of wire wheels with low profile tires, removing steering wheels equipped with airbag and then replacing it with steering wheels that contain no airbag, and dashboard velouring.

If done properly and effectively, a customized car could undoubtedly fetch you a host of benefits. Just few among them are better performance, enhanced look, and attached with features that ensure safety as well as comfort driving. Further, it is also an economic option, since via customization you can fix or add any component or feature of your choice. Additionally, it provides a perfect look to your vehicle. For instance, when custom seat cover is used for your vehicle, it looks quite perfect. Above all, customization of car is not only beneficial for drivers but also for passengers.

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