Street Rod Maintenance: Classic Car and Truck Parts

Street Rod Maintenance: Classic Car and Truck Parts

Street Rods are really becoming a lucrative business, especially racing them. Across America, classic cars and trucks are part of a major vehicle industry, and these old, classic cars are, in most cases, pulling prices that run parallel and higher to the most luxurious of the luxury cars and SUVs of today. These show cars and trucks are a classic part of our nation’s history, but that is not the reason that they are sought after on the car market.

The market for street rods is booming for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is good old-fashioned American nostalgia. For the same reason that the Coke logo runs deeper in the red blooded American soul than the Pepsi logo does, street rods pull at the heartstrings of many Americans as our personal, not our collective, American history.

After Buying a Street Rod

Regardless of the reason that you chose a street rod, they all need maintenance. Even, if the street rod is, literally, just sitting in your yard as some kind of trophy-especially if it’s just sitting still and never being run-street rods need maintenance, and a lot of it. Finding parts for classic cars and trucks is no easy task, but if you know where to look, you will find that there really are enough parts to supply virtually everything needed to all classic car and truck owners. Parts can be found in smaller garages, but you’ve got to do your homework to find a garage that works on street rods.

Perhaps you can find a garage that doesn’t service street rods, but the owners or workers of the garage have street rods of their own. Once you start looking, you will find that this is quite often the case with owners and workers of independently run garages. Visit each garage individually and ask them where they get parts for classic cars and trucks that they service. If you hit enough garages, you’re bound to come across someone who’s got some good connections.

If you’re not part of a street rod club, you should think about joining one, and for more reasons than simply to find car parts. Classic cars and trucks have fans all across the country, and if you are one of those fans, most likely you will enjoy getting connected to other people who have the same interest. Best of all, once you get your street rod up to par, a street rod show can’t even begin to compare with street rod racing-put yours to the test today!

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