Using Chrome Rims for a Classier Ride

Using Chrome Rims for a Classier Ride

Modding your specs and customising your ride with a new paint job are sure to get you noticed but it is not complete without a set of chrome rims. We’ve all seen how chrome rims really enhance the look of your vehicle and give a classy, finishing touch. Nearly all rims are made from an aluminium and magnesium alloy although other materials may be used. Rims differ in how wide they are, from broad for big trucks to narrow for bicycles and motorbikes. Broad rims have more stability but do create more vibration which can be unpleasant. Narrower rims are less stable and give poorer handling.

What Makes Rims So Desired?

Rims serve a sensible purpose in attaching the wheels to the vehicle but they can also increase the beauty of the motor vehicle. A number of rims are painted to match the vehicle but most people like the look of ornamental, gleaming chrome plated rims. Chrome plating is also used on additional parts of vehicles, for instance mirrors, bumpers and exhausts and the dazzling shine catches the eye and is aesthetically very delightful. Chrome rims serve no practical purpose that can’t be achieved by regular rims and could cost you as much as $1500 per rim.

Materials Used for Chrome Rims

The best rims are manufactured from an aluminium and steel alloy and are better quality than all steel wheels as they are lighter and as a result give enhanced vehicle performance. Aluminium is very lightweight and when it is alloyed with magnesium or steel you get a light rim that improves the steering ability of the automobile. Chrome rims are dearer than wheels with a silver finish as the electroplating procedure takes much longer and is more involved. Many of people also admire black chrome wheels.

Taking Care of Alloy Rims

Care for your chrome plated rims and other chrome parts by using vehicle cleaner in water and cleaning with a sponge. After rinsing well dry with a soft cloth. If necessary use a cleaner specifically made for chrome as some cleaners can cause damage. Once you have dried them add a protective layer of car wax. Any dust or mud will stick to the wax rather than the chrome and cleaning will be much easier. Steer clear of using car washes as cleaners used may cause damage to the chrome or may even cause scratches. Just use products that can be used on chrome as others are formulated with acids which will cause damage the surface.

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