The Beginning Of The First Generation Ford Mustang

The Beginning Of The First Generation Ford Mustang


1964 First Generation Ford Mustang Pace Car
By Paddyspig (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Ford Mustang is one of the most celebrated muscle autos that have been produced. During its lasting history Ford has produced many renderings of it and created special versions that have been purchased for hundreds of dollars. The entire concept and conception of the auto begun in 1962 with the conception of the first generation Ford Mustang.

The first generation Mustang was the dawn of a new era for Ford and for the muscle cars. This model was first shown off in 1962  as a two-seater vehicle that was constructed with a V4 mid-engine. In October of 1963 the Mustang II was shown and fashioned as a four-seater auto made with a front engine. This went on sale just six months later. The customers enjoyed the appearance that the vehicle had to offer and it did not take long for it to rival that of the Corvette.

The first-gen Mustang was constructed with the figure of a unibody construction and was put over a wheelbase that was 108 inches and 181.6 inches long. Ford was driven to use corresponding components from the Ford Falcon so they would be able to save money. These parts included the rear suspension and double wishbone coil spring.

The front section of the vehicle was longer then normal and protruded farther into the back giving the muscle car a much longer hood and a lower roof. The figure was utilised to save Ford money – but ultimately it was what made it so different and fashionable. Along with this conception the car was fitted with the classic running horse set up on the grille and the side scallops connected onto the side of the car.

It was equipped with a 2.8 liter OHV straight six engine that was only able to push out 101 horsepower. Over time it was upgraded to the 3.3 liter and then the 4.7 liter – which was able to punch out 220 HP. The three speed manual transmission was standard with each engine that it was outfitted with.

It did not take long for the Ford Mustang to become common to customers. Throughout Ford Mustang history it has entirely improved and even now is very frequent among both the older and younger generation.

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