Knowing the Ford Crown Victoria as the Classic Sedan

Knowing the Ford Crown Victoria as the Classic Sedan
by: Jason Moore

1955 Ford Crown Victoria 2
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The Ford Crown Victoria is also popularly known as the Crown Vic. This vehicle is a vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and it has been in production since 1955 up until the present. It is a full size vehicle. It has been made in one body style only and that is a sedan. The Ford Crown Victoria holds four doors and it has been built on the Ford Motor Company’s FR Panther platform, thus making this sedan a relative of the Mercury Grand Marquis, the Mercury Marauder, as well as the Lincoln Town Car. The competitions for this vehicle include the Buick Lucerne, and the Toyota Avalon.

Despite the very fact that the Ford Crown Victoria has been in the rounds for many years already, decades in fact, this vehicle has not quite got the attention of the general public. However, the sales for this vehicle are quite high among fleets as well as rental car companies. This vehicle also has a twin which is the Mercury Grand Marquis. The Ford Crown Victoria shares some of its components with the Lincoln Town Car, however as per the exterior parts, everything on the Ford Crown Victoria is original.

At present, this classic sedan has been made available with many choices available for interested parties and for Ford Crown Victoria owners. As per the seats, only one material is used though and this is leather. However, there is a variety of available colors which comprise of Charcoal Black Leather, Light Camel Leather, and Medium Light Stone Leather. On the other hand, the exterior has a much wider array of color choices. These choices comprise of Dark Toreador Red, Silver Birch, Black, Tungsten Clearcoat Metallic, Arizona Beige, Light Tundra, Dark Blue Pearl, Vibrant White, Smokestone, and Light Ice Blue Clearcoat Metallic. By giving interested parties the chance to choose what color they would like the Ford Crown Victoria gives these people the chance to customize the sedan.

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