High Quality Oil Changes: The Key to Better Engine Performance!

High Quality Oil Changes: The Key to Better Engine Performance!

Whether you drive a loaded SUV, an over-size truck, or a small compact car, it is probably the second largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. With prices escalating every year, it makes sense to take good care of your vehicle, which includes high quality oil changes. Failure in taking take care of your vehicle may find your spending a lot of time and dollars in an auto repair shop. Regular oil change intervals are a major factor in how your vehicle performs, and can increase its lifespan to 200,000 miles or more!

Motor oil plays a significant role in the performance of an engine, lubricating the moving parts, and fighting against the two biggest enemies of an engine–heat and friction.

Consider these tips about oil changes and how to help preserve your vehicle’s engine for increased performance and longevity:

1. Choose the right weight – Typically, a 5W-30 performs better in colder climates, 10W-40 for warmer climates. Knowing the difference can help the overall performance of your engine.
2. Check your Manufacturer’s Recommendations – Be sure to use oil that stays within the recommended guidelines of your vehicle’s manufacturer. Using the wrong could void the manufacturer’s warranty.
3. Consider a Synthetic – Synthetic oil is superior in providing better protection, longer oil change intervals, greater resistance to breakdown, improved cold weather starts, and improved fuel mileage. With synthetic, some vehicles can go as much as 10,000 to 15,000 miles between oil changes. It may cost a little more, but the “peace of mind” may be well worth the little extra you’ll pay. Petroleum motor oils provide adequate protection but are prone to breakdown, sludge, and most require changing every 3,000 miles.
4. Keep your oil clean – Dirty oil in any engine is never beneficial. Follow the oil change recommendations, and keep a record of it. During normal operation, engines produce metal fragments that can harm your engine. Routine oil changes help to “flush” out any fragments that may exist in your oil.
5. Choose a quality filter – It doesn’t make sense to change your oil and then install a cheap filter. A high quality filter adds extra protection and is worth the extra cost.

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