Classic Cars and Breakdown Coverage

Classic Cars and Breakdown Coverage
by: Carl Phillips

Classic Cars and Breakdown Coverage
Plymouth Valiant image courtesy of Pixabay
Owners of classic cars have typically put in thousands of dollars of parts and labor towards care on their car. And, occasionally, they love to take their car out of the garage and on the road for a spin. But few have thought about what happens if their car should break down while they are on the road.
Breakdown coverage, or roadside assistance coverage as it is sometimes called, is more important for a classic car owner than for other motorists for a couple of reasons.One, many classic car owners only drive their cars infrequently or on special occasions. Over the winter, they may keep their car in the garage and only bring it out once the weather turns milder. Who knows what, if anything, has gone wrong to affect its mechanics or handling ability during the months that it has been in storage? As a consequence, when you do bring it out, you have less confidence in its road abilities than you do in a car that you drive everyday.

Secondly, in most cases, your classic car is a bit more valuable than your everyday car. As a result, if your car does break down on the roadside, you might need a special type of assistance and auto shop to get you back on the road again. Specialized classic car coverage might provide that whereas normal breakdown coverage would not.

According to industry statistics, less than one out of every five classic car owners carry breakdown coverage for their car. Many have avoided thinking too much about it because they simply assume that breakdown coverage for a classic car would be too expensive.

Unfortunately, for those who go as far as getting a quote from many insurance companies, this is exactly true. Which is odd, because, as a rule, unlike many typical car owners, classic car owners are very meticulous about taking extremely good care of their car and keeping it in good running condition.

That’s why, if anything, the charge for their roadside rates should be less. At any rate, this shows why it is important to shop around for a company that has experience in insuring classic automobiles. Such a company will be glad to quote you reasonable rates.

Other car owners have avoided purchasing this type of insurance because they were not aware of the advantages that such coverage would offer. Automobile hobbyists are a special breed. And, while it is true that most owners of these cars could probably fix the car themselves if given the proper tools, parts, and equipment – when on the road, these things will probably not be available to them.

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