Bringing the Muscle with a 1967 Chevy Nova

Just for a moment, picture yourself driving down the street in a classic 1967 Chevy Nova with the radio blasting your favorite tunes and the wind blowing your hair through the open window. Everyone turns to look as you go by, and you feel on top of the world. Now, let me tell you, that scene, with you as the star, can be real because the yellow ’67 Nova shown below is listed for sale on eBay as of the publication of this article, to visit the listing, just click on the picture or the ad link directly under the image.

1967 Chevy Nova Muscle Car
1967 Chevy Nova image courtesy of 12hd12

Information About the 1967 Chevy Nova Shown Above

The Butternut yellow 1967 Chevrolet Nova shown above is powered by a 283 engine and it features automatic shift.  The seller describes the car as being like a Yenko SS L79 327 396 427 Supersport, and it is certainly a truly stunning machine.

The body of this ’67 Nova appears to be in great condition, you can see in the pics how the chrome shimmers, and the seller describes the interior as looking as good as brand new !

The carpet in the trunk appears to be perfect, and the engine compartment looks utterly pristine.

Some General ’67 Chevrolet Nova Specs

’67 Nova Engine Options: The Nova came, according to My Classic Garage, with four different engine options in 1967; these included the 194 cubic inch displacement (CID) Hi-Thrift, the 230 cubic inch displacement (CID) Turbo-Thrift 230, the 283 cubic inch displacement (CID) Turbo-Fire (Which is the engine featured in the car shown above) and the 327 cubic inch displacement (CID) Turbo-Fire 327.

1967 Chevy Nova Transmission Options: There types of transmissions were offered from the factory in the Nova for 1967. These were the Powerglide automatic, the fully synched 4-speed manual transmission, and the fully synched 3-speed tranny.

How Many Novas Were Produced in 1967?

A total of 57,700 Chevy Novas rolled off the production line for 1967, with a total of 15 different exterior colors and 7 different Nova interior colors.

By Laure Justice

Classic Cars Online US is proud to partner with eBay to bring you this information on the 1967 Chevy Nova by showing you the ’67 Nova listed for sale in the photo.


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