1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra: The Foundation

The Ford Fairlane was a full-size American car manufactured from 1955 through 1961, and then it was made into a mid-sized car, which was produced by the Ford Motor Company from around 1962 until 1971. The name of the Fairlane Cobra model comes from the Fairlane property of Henry Ford Lane directly.

1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra Jet
1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra Jet image by Sicnag (1969 Ford Torino 428 Cobra Jet) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Information on the ’69 Ford Fairlane Cobra

The V8 engine in the model range of this car took a different position. In 1955-1958 the most expensive model as well as equipped “Ford” was the Ford Fairlane. Since 1962, the name has been produced using a mid-sized car model by independent manufacturers within the compact Ford Falcon and Ford Galaxie and Ford Custom.

The First Generation Ford Fairlane Cobra Jet

In 1968, the muscle car was again modernized, now the headlights were horizontally positioned, and the design was more aggressive. This generation was significantly larger than the previous ones, although the wheelbase remained the same. There were added the Sportsroof (body fastback ) and luxury Torino. The 1968 model was produced in Argentina until the early 1980s. Since 1969, a powerful Cobra package was proposed, aimed at competing with Plymouth Road Runner. Hence the birth of the 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra

’69 Cobra Jet Specs

The basic model engine type was offered with a 302-m block (5 hp) and a mechanical three-speed gearbox, optionally with 390 m (6.4 l) or 428 m (7 h.) Blocks. The Cobra had a standard 428 block (335 declared hp), as an option the rear axle with a ratio of 4.3: 1, separate seats, a clock, a tachometer, an air intake on the hood and disc brakes in front with a vacuum amplifier.

The Cobra Jet Ram Air 429

In 1970, the 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra became even larger, the wheelbase increased by one inch. On the “Cobra” appeared 429 block (360-370 claimed hp, depending on the installed heads of the unit). The Cobra Jet Ram Air 429 was offered with the Ram Air system (inertial air pressure from the air intake on the hood), and the Drag Pack.

Intro to the Ford Torino Legacy

From the middle of the year, the so-called “Ford Falcon 1970 ½” was produced, which was a body of Fairlane with a minimal finish. For 1971, the names Falcon, Fairlane, ’69 Fairlane Cobra , and Fairlane 500 were abolished, all medium-sized “Ford” got the name Ford Torino.

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