Neon Lights: Let’s Light Up Your Car With Something A Little Special

Neon Lights. Let’s Light Up Your Car With Something A Little Special.
by: Allison Thompson

Neon Lights. Let's Light Up Your Car With Something A Little Special
Neon Lights. Let’s Light Up Your Car With Something A Little Special Image By Benjaminfry (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
You’ve seen those cars around the area with their neon lights on them and have wondered what it is that you have just seen. Or it may be that you have wondered why they look so cool and how they can strobe through so many different colours like that.

Below in this article I will explain what Neon and LED car lights are and how they have been specifically designed in tubes which can be mounted under a vehicle, inside or under a SUV or truck, you could even get them on your motorcycle or boat (if you have one). There are thousands of people around the world who have now installed such lights in many ways that are completely outrageous in order to highlight the best features on their vehicle and to set is aside from the rest.

You may also be asking yourself, “What is it that neon car lights can do for me that the normal headlights I already have aren’t doing?” Well some people use their car only as a mode of transport and nothing else (just for getting them from point A to point B). Yet there are others who see there car as much more than that, it more likely to be they see it as an extension of their personality and certainly some people (men especially) seem to be come fixated with theirs.

Because there is such an large amount of automotive accessories available around the world and obtaining these items is easier because of the internet, more and more people are looking to make their vehicles that little more personal to them and certainly neon lights placed under any vehicle will do that for them.

There are plenty of people out there you have taking up cruising in their vehicle as a hobby and they enjoy the attention they get as not only pedestrians but fellow drivers stare as they pass them by. So if you are one of these then it looks like a customer under car light key is the option for you.

But just how long have neon car lights been around for? Well the first vehicles to have under call lighting installed on them were Hot Rods (but the kits used then were nothing like the ones available today).

These lights can be mounted to the body either around the perimeter of the cars undercarriage or actually inside and each kit provides you with the elements for the correct installation of them. You will usually find that the installation instructions provided with the kit are quite straight forward, but you will need to do some drilling to the body of the car and there is a large amount of electrical work involved also, but this all depends on the type of kit you are looking to purchase. If you feel that such a project may be above your capabilities there are plenty of custom shops around that will carry out this type of work for you and you are guaranteed that all work will be done efficiently and correctly. However, if you decided to install them yourself, then make sure that the kit you purchase is compatible with your car and read and follow the instructions to the letter that comes with the kit.

The best known makes of Neon Car Kits that are available today come from such companies as PlasmaGlow, StreetGlow and LiteGlow. Many of the dealers of custom car parts who sell these brands will have exactly what is required for competition and street vehicles. You will also find that most of the under car kits and even the interior car kits came in different colours and sizes, will include a transformer, normally 2 x 50” tubes, 2 x 38” tubes, the installation instructions and any mounting hardware that is needed to complete the task. Normally the tubes used for the exterior kits are made from durable Lexan®, which is made from plastic and thus protects the neon elements that are enclosed within.

However, there is some issues that you need to face if you have LED or Neon Lights on your vehicle. In many places you will find that the authorities frown upon people have such lights on their vehicles and to avoid getting any fines, then it is best to install the lights which can only be activated by a separate switch and not when you turn on the main headlights of your vehicle. The best way of doing this is to run a power wire directly from the vehicles battery to the kits operating switch, and this will then by pass the wires for the vehicles main lights. It is also advisable to see where your living if it is legal to have Neon or LED lights on your vehicle or not.

Now that you have been searching for some to add that bit of something different to customize your ride and are not bothered by the attention you get from onlookers, and if the fact that a glowing effect around your vehicle takes your fancy then it might be worthwhile considering installing Neon or LED lights or your vehicle. Just imagine the fun you could have?

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