Mercedes SLS Silences the Competition

Mercedes SLS Silences the Competition
by: Mandy Hathaway

Mercedes SLS Silences the Competition
Mercedes SLS image by Rudolf Stricker [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons
Mercedes-Benz has long produced a few of the most magnificent and undoubtedly head-turning cars on the road. Lately, the Mercedes SLR McLaren was referred to as one of the very best sports automobiles on the planet. Not a business to rest on their laurels, Mercedes-Benz rapidly went to work again to make the Mercedes SLS AMG in order to change their award-winning design.

Sales are almost ready to begin for the Mercedes SLS AMG in European countries, with the Us market getting the taste in 2011. The price tag for this Mercedes is expected to be more than $200,000 Usd, making it one of the more expensive sports cars on the streets, although still behind other big brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Mercedes-Benz instantly picked up a whole lot of recognition for this model when it was first presented at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. Although it is not officially out on the street yet, it is already the safety automobile for the Formula One Championship series, and it’s also already featured in the PS 3 videogame Gran Turismo 5.

The structure of the Mercedes SLS AMG is supposedly an update to one of the Mercedes’ all-time models in the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. The short body of this automobile and the passenger placement closer to the real axle make it the two compact and less difficult to control at higher speeds than other comparable designs.

Currently, Mercedes is thinking about releasing 4 different versions of the Mercedes AMG. The first will be a coupe-style vehicle with the abovementioned door features. A gold-colored version of this automobile made its worldwide debut at the Dubai International Auto Show in the UAE.

From 2011 to 2013, Mercedes will launch their second version of the SLS AMG – a soft-top roadster with basic doors. There is also set to be an electric powered model of the vehicle, even though critics are already lining up to speak out against an electric sports car, as it cannot possibly perform as well.

The final edition of the SLS AMG Mercedes plans to launch is the Black Series. This will probably be the most exciting of all designs, as the Black Series will be very trimmed down and is expected to have a lowered total weight of 660 pounds. In terms of performance, the Mercedes SLS AMG is a powerful car for its size.

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(This is an older article from an Article City author – if you notice the dates shared – but I liked it and the look of this classically styled sports car, so I wanted to share it here on Classic Cars Online US.)
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