Maintain your Classic with a used Nova Engine

Maintain your Classic with a used Nova Engine

Keeping history Alive

In the 1950s and 1960s, passion and feeling were a part of the manufacturing process. The cars were outlandish and the best designs were developed in this era. American manufacturers including Chevrolet, with its Nova, used a lot of chrome and a lot of angles to make the car’s styling statement. The swinging sixties was the era where style developed and in many ways, this era was the birth of cars as art.

Nova’s Aim

The Chevrolet Nova was born in 1961 and came as a coupé, a sedan and a convertible. A station wagon came later in 1962. The car came with a 2.5 litre four-cylinder engine, a 3.2 litre inline six and a 3.8 litre inline 6. You can find any used Nova engine today as they came in several other models at the time. It is best to use a traditional Nova engine to do your conversion or your restoration. Cars are best restored with the engines they came with. A used Nova engine is also cheap because it is widely available. In the 1970s Chevrolet added larger engines. There was a 5.7 litre engine in the SS version of the Nova and this made it compete with the muscle cars at the time.

This used Nova engine was also available in other Chevrolet and Cadillac cars at the time and there was a street race and drag race era which supported the sales of the SS Nova. The Nova was an affordable car at the time and was comfortable and sporty. The car came with a 4 speed manual, a three speed manual, a 2 speed Powerglide and a 3 speed automatic. These transmissions were available on all the engines while the best to get is the 4 speed manual. A special edition Nova came out in 1977 and came with a canvas roof and brilliant white paint. These cars had special badges.

Nova in the Current World

The Nova is a classic car in every sense and they drive up to today, as daily cars. This is so because the car has several used engine choices which could all fit the chassis. Chevrolet put a used Nova engine in some of their light trucks in the early 1980s. The 5.7 litre engine is a pushrod design and was adapted to suit current fuels.


Collectors praise the Nova for its beauty. It has lasted for a long time as an American classic and represents an era where American engineering was at its peak.

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