How To Stop Your Car From Rolling Excessively In Corners

How To Stop Your Car From Rolling Excessively In Corners
by: Dirk Gibson

How To Stop Your Car From Rolling Excessively In Corners
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Does your car corner like a boat? You know. That feeling you get where everybody leans away from the turn as one side of the car dips and the other rises? The problem is you either have no sway bar or a very weak one.

Every car pitches when it goes into a corner. The pitch represents the number of degrees the car tilts when it turns. The higher the pitch, the more the car is considered to roll. In general, roll is not good. It is uncomfortable and puts stress on everything from your tires to steering linkage and even the frame of the car. Over time, this can all cause problems.

The sway bar is a creation that is designed to address the roll in cars. These bars work by creating rigidity in the car structure from a horizontal perspective. They are connected the suspension and work by transferring the tension in a turn from one side of the car to the other. This keeps the car from rolling and cuts the pitch dramatically.

So, how can you use a sway bar to stop your car from rolling? Well, you can buy an aftermarket sway bar kit for most cars these days. Every kit works a bit differently, so you’ll need to go by the specific instructions that come with it. I realize this goes against of fiber of being for most men, but this is one time where you really want to read the instructions.

Generally, most kits are designed to be used on the front suspension. They are surprisingly easy to install. Why? They run across the top of the engine and are secured at the top of the strut assembly. If you pop your head and look about two thirds of the way back from the front of the car towards the driver’s compartment, you’ll see a mount sticking up. This is the top of the strut. There are usually three or more bolts. The sway bar kits are designed to fit right on these connections. Again, it depends on the kit and the car, but it is a surprisingly simple process.

If you are getting sea sick form the roll your car performs in turns, a sway bar could be the answer. Kits run a couple hundred bucks, but make a major difference in how your car drives. They are definitely worth it if you are in the car a lot.

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