Heavy and Heavenly 1949 Hudson Super Six Lead Sled

The long, thick lines and smooth, aerodynamic  curves of the 1949 Hudson Super Six make it a stunning car to turn into a lead sled, as evidenced by the elegant, sledded-out museum piece shown below.

1949 Hudson Super Six for Sale
1949 Hudson Super Six for Sale on eBay

Information About the 1949 Hudson Super Six

The 1949 Hudson Super Six was released as a full sized luxury notchback coupe, with (according to Automobile-Catalog) a naturally-aspirated 4-stroke Six-262 engine.

(The ’49 Hudson Super 6 shown above is listed for sale on eBay, the listing mentions the car still has the straight six and cork clutch.)

Info on the ’49 Hudson Super Six Shown Above

This 1949 Hudson Super Six runs but the ‘surface needs work; according to the seller, and it is a one-owner, museum-owned vehicle, and it has undergone a few pretty cool modifications.

Let’s visit the interior first since that’s a comfort detail for whoever buys this beauty – the interior has been reupholstered, and from what is visible in the photos, it looks pretty nice.

Why this 1949 Hudson Is a Lead Sled

(I do realize most everyone reading here already knows the terminology, but I don’t want to assume that – so I like to put a few words of definition on terms related to some of articles about these customized vehicles.)

The chrome has been shaved off the doors and leaded in. (I’m ashamed to say I didn’t notice the absence of handles at first glance.)

One last feature I would like to point out on this Hudson Super Six is on the front end – recessed, Frenched headlights that add to smooth, clean lines of this amazing 1949 custom car.

If you would like to learn more about this ’49 Hudson led sled, which is for sale, as of the posting of this article, click on the photo and it will take you right to the listing, or browse around this site to read about some other beautiful classic cars.

by Laure Justice

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