Healthy Meals to Keep Employee’s Energy High in a Car Shop

Running a shop that builds or repairs classic cars requires creativity, precision, and skill, and when you are running this type of shop, it’s a good idea to provide workers with easy access to healthy meals and snacks. This is because it’s hard to be creative and precise when you get hungry. Keeping some healthy foods handy for workers to enjoy at break time makes it easy for them to get the nourishment needed to feel their best and turn out pristine work.

Healthy Meals for CLassic Car Shop Employees
Healthy Meals for Classic Car Shop Employees image courtesy of Pixabay

Healthy Meal Options for Different Appetites

Not every employee in your shop is going to want a full meal each day, some people like to eat light and are happiest with a light snack during the day, while others may prefer to have access to larger healthy snacks. This is an easy thing to solve by making a mix of food types available in the break area for your workers to enjoy.

Simple Workday Snack Ideas

Grab-and-go foods are a great option for those who just want a quick snack to take the edge off their hunger or to stabilize blood sugar so their hands are steady when working on your clients’ classic cars. These simple items include things like apples and bananas for fresh fruit offerings. Need a little crunch to relieve stress? Celery sticks or chips made from baked apple slices or sweet potato shavings deliver a satisfying and stress-busting crunch.

Workday Healthy Meal Ideas

Take the celery sticks from the grab-and-go snack list and enjoy them a high-protein dip. This keeps the calories low so the meal won’t weigh your employees down and make everyone sleepy, while still delivering a satisfying crunch and comfortably filling effect. Some other excellent light, high-fiber meals include avocados stuffed with tuna salad and spicy buffalo chicken jerky served with a hard-boiled egg or light salad.

Keep the ambiance in your classic car repair shop light and friendly while helping your best asset, your skilled workers, maintain their health by making sure there’s always something healthy to eat available in the break area.

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