Checklist for Setting Up a Classic Car Show

Each classic car show is as unique as the group that’s hosting it, and different attendees at each event make them stand out even more. There are some common themes that make cruise-ins go more smoothly, though.

Tips for Setting Up a Classic Car Show
Tips for Setting Up a Classic Car Show image courtesy of Pixabay

5 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Cruise-In for Classic Cars

Certain things are kind of expected at car shows whether they’re large or small. Things like entertainment, prizes, activities to do, and easy access to things to eat and drink make any event go more smoothly.

Entertainment for a Car Show

Musical entertainment is a standard at car shows, and options include DJ’s and bands that play period music like the Oldies. Each has advantages, but if space allows, it’s a lot of fun for car show participants and people checking out the rides when you book a musician who can adapt the performance to fit the mood.

Best-In Class Prizes for Car Show Entrants

Entrants typically expect prizes to be offered to crowd and judge favorites at a classic car show. Some common awards are for the crowd favorite, oldest car, best muscle car, best custom car, and best any type of car you expect to show up at your run. If you’re offering a goodie bag to car show entrants, consider including dash plaques with details about your event printed on them for collectors who frequent cruise-ins.

Things to Do at a Rod Run

In addition to background music, consider adding some fun activities to keep people entertained. Things like a poker run, an evening sock-hop-style dance contest, or taking laps if the city you’re in allows it are all things entrants look forward to, and they make the whole atmosphere more energetic and lively.

The Importance of Inviting Food Vendors to Set Up at Your Car Show

Even if your event only lasts a few hours, people come to this type of thing expecting to grab a bite to eat and get something to drink. When you invite food vendors to set up, it’s a win for the vendors because you have a ready-made food and beverage customer base for the event. It’s a win for your event because people are less likely to leave early if there’s food handy.

Advertise Your Cruise-In

Most smaller cruise-ins are advertised by posting brochures at local businesses, putting an ad in the paper, or sharing the information on the internet. These are great low-budget ways to get the word out about your show. It’s also useful to pass out flyers at car shows you attend in the weeks before your event.

Parking space and types of cars you want to include are two other important considerations. You need to know how much parking space you have available for entrants and people coming to walk through and check out the rides. If you have specific types of cars you want to focus on for the cruise-in, make sure to note that on your event advertising. For example, if the group hosting the car show is a muscle cars group and you plan to focus on muscle cars, it’s okay to mention that, but it may reduce your turnout. If you want to leave the show open to all types of cars, that may expand the number of entrants.

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