Characteristics of Exotic Cars

Characteristics of Exotic Cars
By Maxwell Philip

1965 Ferrari 275
By Sean Rozekrans (Flickr: 1965 Ferrari 275) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
There are many different defining characteristics of an exotic car. The shape of the car be exotic in the sense that it is extremely non-traditional or striking in the way it attracts attention. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are often cited as being prime example of exotic cars because of the way they are shaped among other things. Exotic cars have certainly curvaceous features that tend to catch the eye. Some of these cars also have bright colors such as red, yellow, or blue to grab attention from those who are passing by as well. A lot of exotic cars have hourglass shapes which can be easily recognized by many on the street.

Another characteristic of exotic cars is the size. Some of them are smaller while others much larger. Almost all exotic cars can seat only two people. There are some models which have very small back seats that are used for storage purposes, such as with a number of muscle cars. There are certain exotic cars like the Bentley which are able to seat people in the rear of the car, although this is for the most part considered to be rare. Many exotic cars are small in size; however under the hood they have extremely powerful engines which help them to go very fast.

The materials which exotic cars are made from also differ. Sometimes they are constructed from extremely strong space-age material, and other manufacturers prefer heavier composite. A lot of the exotic cars which can be found around the world are made with a carbon fiber base, making them extremely durable. Lately an increasing number of exotic cars have been made out of lighter weight material which is cheaper in production and still makes for a very sturdy vehicle.

When you look under the hood of an exotic car, chances are you will be impressed with what you find. Most of them are known for having extraordinarily powerful engines which is why they are able to accelerate so fast and maintain unbelievable speeds on the road. It is not uncommon for an exotic car to have over a thousand horse power. Sometimes the way these cars are designed is illegal in certain countries because of how fast they can go. This is part of why they are not allowed to be driven in the United States and are sold overseas for the most part.

These cars can get extremely expensive as well. The average price of a high-end exotic car is at least $500,000. Sometimes they are sold for more than $1,000,000 depending on the rarity and design. There are a number of wealthy individuals around the world who are willing to pay for such vehicles, as they are a status symbol of accumulated wealth and power. Most of the people who actually own these vehicles do not go out on the road with them unless it is to put them to the test in a race with other exotic cars. They are not sold by the thousands like other lower-end models are because of the high price; however there are many people who still own them.


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