BMW Cars
by: Chris Tyrrell

BMW Cars
1939 BMW image By MartinHansV (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The BMW or (Bavarian Motor Works) car first made it’s debut in the year 1916, when the first vehicle as rolled off the assembly line. Of course it would be many decades until this line of luxury and high performance vehicles would take it’s rightful place as possibly the most highly recognized name in high end cars on the road today.

BMW is well recognized for the wide variety of vehicles that they manufacture, which has allowed them to dominate in several distinct sectors of the automobile market. In fact, they solidified their dominance with the introduction of the X-5 SAV series of Sports Activity Vehicles in 1999 to represent MBW in they highly competitive SUV market, which this series has done quite well.

Since then, BMW has followed up with the X-6 series of Sports Activity Coup, which gained a fast reputation as a reliable, high performance, very “in demand” sports vehicle. BMW plans on introducing yet another addition to their SAV line with the Concept X1, which is expected to be the most expensive and highest performing of all their Sports Utility Vehicles as of yet.

BMW introduced the public to their 3rd series or what is also known as their executive class line of vehicles in 1975. They are currently in their third generation and are synonymous with luxury and performance, as well as their easily recognizable distinct smooth lines. The current 5th generation of BMW third series includes but of course is not limited to the E92, the E91 Family Wagon and the E90 luxury performance sedan.

Classic BMW Cars
1939 BMW 335 image By MartinHansV (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Due to the incredibly positive reception that their 5th generation 3rd series vehicles have received worldwide, BMW now offers them with a wide range of unique feature options. These include amenities such as a DVD player with four separate LCD screens, remote engine start system and DMW high performance headlights.

Quite possible the most visible line or series of BMW vehicles is the (i coup), with one of their most popular being the BMW 135i, currently priced in the area of $35,000. For over two now decades owning and driving a BMW from the i coup series has been one of the best ways for a young professional living in the US, Canada or Europe to announce to the world that they have finally achieved a measurable degree of success in their chosen occupation.

Due to the incredibly wide range of vehicles in the complete BMW line that range in price from highly affordable to pricey high end luxury sedans vehicles, BMW’s tend to appeal to an equally wide range of car owners. Not only are BMW’s recognized for their comfort and drivability but they also carry with them a well earned repudiation for reliability that keeps them out of repair shops.

Also, in recent years Luxury BMW sedans have become increasingly popular as a vehicle of choice for limousine conversions. Of course as car buyers become increasingly aware of the need for fuel efficiency in a luxury vehicle, BMW engineers have been busy making their cars even more fuel efficient then they already were so well known for being.

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