October 15, 2019

Classic car info, discussion, and classified ads

American Autoindustry in 1920’s

American Autoindustry in 1920’s By Michael Newman As America moved into the “Roaring Twenties”, the automobile became an important part of the every citizen’s life. The car became more affordable for the people with the average income. Automobile production figures rose from two million in 1920 to five and a half in 1929. By the […]

Classic Cars

A Brief Look Into The History of the Automobile

A Brief Look Into The History of the Automobile By Teri Ferreira The history of the automobile (car) starts around 1769. Steam engine autos were created were the first method of human transport. The first internal combustion engine appeared in 1807 and this led to the modern gasoline or petrol-fuelled internal combustion engine in 1885. […]

Classic Cars

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