Expression: Intentional Truck Accessorizing

Expression: Intentional Truck Accessorizing
by: Steve Dinman

Classic Custom Truck
Classic Custom Truck image By U.S. Army [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Trucks in America are the vehicles of choice. From heavy-duty off-road passenger trucks to the suburban SUV, trucks are in demand. Owners want a truck that’s safe, roomy and heavy enough to haul adult toys. Along with knowing what kind of truck suits them, owners also want truck accessories that are not only impressive but also functional.

Some of these truck accessories purchases are true upgrades in that they look after the value of the truck – grille protectors stop damage to the grille, which is a big money item to replace. Protection for the side of the machine will also pay dividends in elongating the life of the truck.

The experts at Lund International tell us that the number one truck accessory on US trucks is a running board. Pretty obviously these things give you a foot up, but also they offer a chance to kick your shoes so the snow, mud and sand you’ve accumulated in your cleats doesn’t fill up your truck. And hey, they make the truck look great … Since they are so popular the manufacturers are getting in on the act and offering official running boards. But many will still go for the specialist manufacturer’s ranges – big tough good-looking boards like the Brite-Tread, for instance.

The next most popular truck accessories are shields and grille protectors. Bug shields such as the ones by Lund or Westin are a wise investment for expensive trucks. These shields protect and redirect bugs and other flying debris from denting and scratching your hood and windshield. Many truck owners like to customize their shield with fun sayings and brand names to show off their loyalty or lifestyle. As for grille protectors, these truck accessories truly look stylish and luxurious. However, they also protect the front of your truck in the unlucky event of a collision.

Plenty of the truck accessories are not there for protection, but mainly for looks. There are some that shout out ‘hey, look at me’ – the LED light panel or underbody light strip, the bumper light kit, a stainless steel license plate holder … They help make sure no-one misses you, so they also have a safety factor. They’re easy to come by in the auto stores like Ace Hardware, Pep Boys and Sears Hardware.

One of the reasons for making that big truck buy is that its pure power and bulk make it ideal for towing duties. There are plenty of things we like to tow these days – motorbikes, boats, mountain bikes, smaller automobiles, snow-bikes. Choose a smart hitching like those quality units made by Valley Receiver and Street Scene – look at,, and

There are also plenty of truck accessories that can be bought via the car makers – Dodge or Jeep for example. Many websites offer an online look at various manufacturer’s styles, including Lund, Stull, Westin, KC Hilites, Go Rhino, as well as many others. One example to check out is

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