Ideas To Help Purchase The Best Corvette Car Covers

Ideas To Help Purchase The Best Corvette Car Covers
by: Rudy Silva

Ideas To Help Purchase The Best Corvette Car Covers
Classic Corvette image courtesy of Pixabay
If you ride a sports car, you should be aware that you need to buy car covers for it. If you have a corvette, then corvette car covers is what you need. Covers are especially made to protect the body finish of cars. If your ride is that of a corvette, you may already know about some of the car covers made especially for this sports car.

There are brands of corvette car covers that offer good quality. There are also those that are only as good as their name suggests. If you want more value for your money, you must know what makes a good quality car cover regardless of which sports car you have.

Autobody armor corvette car covers are designed for strong and effective car covers, particularly during extreme weather conditions. Most corvette car covers that autobody makes are customized for tough and longer lasting applications.

Their car covers are constructed on 3 layers. The top and bottom layers are made of high-grade knitted polyester material for strong, effective and breathable cover. Its film layer, which is made of Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane is sandwiched between these outer layers. The TPU layer is important in protecting the corvette against rust damage.

Coverking also makes car covers for corvette. Its coverbound-4 cover is specifically made to protect your corvette against UV rays. Its layers are 4. The topmost is made of polyester spun bond that assures effective protection against many hazards. The upper middle layer is 4% UV treated polypropylene spun bond to ensure an optimum UV protection.

The lower middle is a melt blown material to make the car cover water-resistant. Its bottom layers are polypropylene spun bond material to make the cover very strong and durable.

Intro-Tech Automotive has also its own car cover for corvette. Named as Intro-Guard, it is a custom fit car cover with a superior quality of 150 Denier woven polyester fabrics that are coated with aluminized polyurethane acrylic. It is soft and non-abrasive, thus, it does not damage the corvette car finish.

It features mirror pockets and eyelets for cable lock kit which is designed for a snug all-around fit having a low coverage, to keep the wheels clean. Moreover, it has an innovative all-weather lock strap system which is positioned in front of corvette’s front and rear wheels, making it resistant to storm and strong wind.

The Stormproof Corvette car covers are strong. Made of high-strength polyester ultra-micro fibers, they are custom -fit car covers designed by Coverking for all types of weather. They are best suitable for outdoor use; the stormproof is designed for extreme weather conditions such as sun’s heat, rain or snow, and storms.

The Triguard corvette car covers have 3 layers for optimal protection. The top layer and bottom layer are treated with UB-retardant agents to protect the car against the harmful and damaging UV rays. This, too, is designed by Coverking.

If you have a hard time choosing which Corvette car cover that is ideal for you, you can check out the web for variety of resources. There are sites that guide you through in a step-by-step process of how to buy car covers.

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