December 7, 2019

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You’ve Got To Love The Porsche 914

You’ve Got To Love The Porsche 914 by: Wayne Treister Back in 1969 Porsche was about to make a lasting impression on the world with the introduction of the sporty, mid mount 4 cylinder boxer engine, two seater Porsche 914. The design of the 914 was the result of the Porsche and VW working together […]

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Early Model Porsche Classic Sports Cars

Early Model Porsche Classic Sports Cars By World Class Automobiles Porsche 356 The first Porsche classic model was made in 1948 and was called the Porsche 356. It came in as a 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible. It had a four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine with 40 bhp of power reaching top speed of around 140 […]

Sports Cars

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