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Transcending Boundaries with the Ford Gran Torino

Transcending Boundaries with the Ford Gran Torino

by: Chuck Smith

Transcending Boundaries with the Ford Gran Torino: 1976 Ford Grand Torino Coupe
By Sicnag (1976 Ford Grand Torino Coupe) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
If you are the type of person who is very much into speed, racing, and driving, then you are most likely familiar with the Ford Gran Torino.

The Ford Gran Torino is a vehicle that has been produced by the Ford Motor Company of the United States. It was produced from 1968 up until the year 1976 and was made especially for the market in North America. This vehicle was actually manufactured into various models and specifications. Some were made to perform. And this vehicle was also the chosen one with regards to the Ford Motor Company’s entry to the NASCAR.

The Ford Gran Torino was considered to be a midsize car as per American standards, that is during that time when it was produced. However, as per modern standards, this vehicle could be considered to be a large one although it is quite smaller than the Ford Galaxie which was a full size vehicle. For some people, the Ford Gran Torino was considered as a muscle car.

1972 Ford Gran Torino Hardtop
By Sicnag (1972 Ford Gran Torino Hardtop) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
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The Ford Gran Torino actually replaced the Ford Fairlane. However, it was quite larger. It was also made available in various body styles that include a two door fastback or notchback hardtop; a four door sedan; a four door station wagon; and a two door convertible. The power for this vehicle came from the 5.0 small block V8 engine during its introduction. However, through the years when it existed, this vehicle received several vehicles like the Ford FE series 390 in³ big block engine; and the 428 Cobra Jet FE series engine.

The entire length of automobile history thinks of the Ford Gran Torino as a vehicle that is worth every cent you spend on it. After all, many followers of this vehicle believe that it is a living testimony of spirit and performance. This vehicle has been referred to as the vehicle that is suited for all ages, generations, races, and places. Its design and its over all look transcends through every possible demarcation or categorization. It holds aerodynamic lines that take any onlookers’ breath away. The Ford Gran Torino has been especially known and popular for the 351 Cleveland engine, the Hurst four speed manual transmission system, the high back bucket seats, the ribbon style tachometer, the sports slats, and the rear traction look differential. These and the overall essence of the Ford Gran Torino has brought about its success and fame.

Changes were constantly done in to this vehicle. The changes included engine upgrades, a floor mounted four speed manual transmission system, an upgraded suspension system, dual exhaust, bucket seats, a larger body, pointed grilles, and longer lines.

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Chuck Smith, a 38 year old freelance writer from Charleston, South Carolina, has been specializing on automotive-related articles and news. He has a degree in Automotive Technology.

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Unforgettable Television Sports Cars From The 1970’s

Unforgettable Television Sports Cars From The 1970’s
by: Jackson Porter

Unforgettable Television Sports Cars From The 1970's
Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino image By The Conmunity – Pop Culture Geek from Los Angeles, CA, USA (Gran Turino from Starsky and Hutch) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

In the seventies it seems that most shows were to an extent, known for the cars that the stars drove in them as well as the stars themselves. Some of the shows you will find listed here, the cars in the shows were even known to receive their own fan mail. The weekly hero of the action packed T.V. show was almost assuredly driving a fast and expensive sports car. Most people tend to think they used the same car in every episode but usually there was a whole team of identical cars that followed the stars through the series.

See how many of the following cars you can remember from the seventies:

1. Gran Torino on Starsky and Hutch.

This was everyone’s favorite Muscle Car it seemed, at least the most recognizable.

The paint job (red with that big, white stripe) and the style prompted Ford to add it to their line. Gran Torino enthusiasts still get together to show off their rides to this day!

2. Do you remember Dan Tanna and his 1957 Thunderbird from Vegas?

In this program Robert Urich played a cop in Las Vegas named Dan Tanna who just loved cruising around the strip in his T-Bird. It was a bright and shiny red and was actually two identical cars used that they switched back and forth when taping the show. The character started out with a corvette but ended up with his signature T-Bird instead

3. Who can forget that bumbling detective Columbo and his beat up, old Peugeot? Well it can be categorized as a sports car technically, but it sure didn’t look like one or act like one. But Columbo and his Peugeot was a match made in heaven with their unkempt appearance. Some folks in Ohio ended up with the car after the show was cancelled but they revived it for the Columbo movie in the 80’s.

4. The golden Firebird Espirit of Detective Rockford is another classic. James Garner played Detective Rockford and always seemed to be having financial troubles but he could always afford to drive around in his signature Firebird.

5. 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado from Mannix. Another one of those great detective shows. Joe Mannix was played by actor Mike Connors and it was a very customized vehicle indeed and one that most people remember. Mannix had secret compartments all over the Toronado and it was a little more high tech then many cars of its era. In later episodes Mannix had an array of cars at his disposal but the 1966 Toronado seem to make the most impact.

Each one of these cars is memorialized by film. If you asked anyone about the 70’s famous cars undoubtedly they would mention one or more of these cars. Of course there were a lot of others but these five seem to be the most likely to come up in a conversation about the era. After all they certainly did seem to steal the show right out from under the human stars.

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Jackson Porter is a staff writer at http://www.automobileenthusiast.com and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including http://www.environmental-central.com.

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