February 22, 2018

Classic car info, discussion, and classified ads

Let Classic Cars Online help you simplify the process of buying or selling a classic car.

'67 Pontiac GTO Coupe

’67 Pontiac GTO Coupe image By Bull-Doser (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What You Need to Know if You Want to Buy or Sell a Classic Car

Valuation Assistance

A number of factors go into assigning the value to a classic car. Our valuation service is all about giving you that information. Our report compiles the information you need to have when setting prices.

Social Media Help

Getting your car listing in front of as many people as possible increases the chance of getting the amount you want for it on the first try. To support you in the social media aspect of selling your classic car, we have taken specialized training and been working in the field to build an engaged audience of classic car enthusiasts.

Free Basic Classified Ads

When all you need or want is a free classified ad to list your classic car for sale, we offer a basic ad that runs for 7 days free of charge. We also like to feature a short article about the car as regular post on the site, using your photos for accuracy, to support your free ad, and this service is also free. These ads can be reposted as many times as needed if your car doesn’t sell within the seven days it’s listed here.

Paid Listing Packages

Our paid listing packages include our valuation service to help you in setting your price, our social media services that shares your ad with our viewers here and our friends and followers on social media. Plus, the ad runs until your car sells rather than just seven days like the free ad, and we put together a full length article to share information about your car and any accompanying story you provide for the post.

“In Search Of” Ads

If you’re looking for a certain kind of classic car, “ISO” or “In Search Of” ads are placed as free classified ads here on the site. We also like to share a short post about the type of car you’re searching for to help draw viewers to your ad. These ads run for seven days but can be reposted as many times as needed.

For information on any of our services, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back with you right away.