Learn What Is So Special About NOS Kits

Learn What Is So Special About NOS Kits
by: Andrew Mehra

Learn What Is So Special About NOS Kits
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NOS kits or Nitrous Oxide Systems kits are quite popular. Nitrous oxide is an oxide of nitrogen and is more commonly known to the layman as the laughing gas. This is because of the ability of nitrous oxide to cause a state of euphoria in people if inhaled. This chemical compound is used for a multitude of purposes because of its versatility and non-flammable nature.

It is widely used in the field of medicine as an anesthetic because it can completely destroy physical pain. Lately though, a new use has been found for this gas. It is now used to generate a huge amount of power in car engines, specifically in motor racing.

NOS is the abbreviation for nitrous oxide and is known so after the company that pioneered the find in the use of nitrous oxide to increase the performance capability of anengine. The company was called Nitrous Oxide Systems. Ever since this research was made public, it has been wildly popular and now NOS kits are easily available all over the world, even though in many countries its use in racing cars is illegal.

What NOS kits primarily do is to help the car engine burn an extra amount of fuel and air. The generation of a powerful combustion is the result. NOS kits will help deliver more oxygen when temperatures are turned up, as compared to normal atmospheric air. This is the basic concept of these kits.

These kits are simple to operate. An electrically operated valve is used to release air and nitrous oxide which are trapped in the delivery system. Then nitrous oxide is brought all the way from the storage tank to the solenoid valve that will release the gas into the intake tract of an engine. At the same time, to make sure that a powerful combustion is possible, a lot of extra fuel is also served directly to the engine.

These kits can generate a tremendous amount of power, which is similar to watching a super-charger at work or something slow suddenly move at lightning speed. The bhp can move in just seconds from an incredibly small figure to a really big one. An example of this is that the bhp can go from 10 to 300 or even 400. Plus, if you want an even bigger increase in power generation, then you can upgrade your system. Fortunately it is relatively cheap to do so, because the procedure is quite uncomplicated. All that an upgrade really requires is that some of the jets in the solenoid be changed.

The benefits of NOS kits are many, but unfortunately it does come with its own set of problems. While the system makes an engine more powerful and the car ten times faster, there is no telling just how reliable the engine itself can be.

The power-bursts can destroy the engine in a second if the proper fuel levels are not maintained. Additionally, it is vital that the temperature be kept constant as well, otherwise there is a big chance of detonation taking place. Even if the engine can take the pressure, there has to be a particular proportion of air and fuel to keep things in balance. If this is not kept, then major damage will ensue.

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