Antique Cars

Antique Cars

Welcome to the Classic Cars Online US antique (or rather pre-war) cars page for cars from 1942 and earlier!

Ford – The History of Ford Motors

The Evolution of the Model T

Ford Model T Automobiles

A Tribute to the Fossmobile: 1897

The History of Chevrolet: American Classic

Chevrolet’s “Stovebolt Six” – Automotive History

History of the Mercedes-Benz

A Quick Cruise Through the History of Amphibious Cars

High-Quality Oil Changes: The Key to Better Engine Performance!

A Brief Look Into The History of the Automobile

American Auto Industry in the 1920’s

The Unique Lloyd Wagen

Russia’s “red car” Volga Automotive History

A Brief History of Car Audio

Maintaining Your Car’s Paint Job

What Is Laminated Auto Glass?

How Vintage Car Restoration Tips Can Help You Restore Your Car

Jeep Tops: Anatomy of a Jeep Top

Vauxhall Cars History

Antique Classic Cars: Cars That Last

Vintage Buick and Chevrolet Organizations and Services

Check back often for articles and spec sheets covering information on cars made before the US entered WWII in December of 1941.
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Classic Cars Online US: Classic car info and pictures of classic cars

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