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1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan Street Rod Stunner

In 1940, the average cost of a new house was $3920, the average family income was $1725, a gallon of gas cost 11 cents, and the average cost of a new car was $850. 1940 was also the year the stunner shown below rolled off the production line. It didn’t look quite like it does now, though, because this ’40 Ford has been the subject of a frame-off rebuild, turning it into the street rod you see today.

1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan
1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan for Sale on eBay

1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan

Imagine the luxury and fun of sliding behind the wheel of this amazing, head-turning car, and cruising in style to a car show or pretty much anywhere you get inspired to go.

This four door 1940 Ford Deluxe has undergone a complete frame-off rebuild. It’s an all-metal car, with no rust on it anywhere.

What Is a Frame-Off Rebuild?

Before I move on, I know most everyone reading this already knows what a frame-off rebuild is, but just to be sure, in a frame-off rebuild, like with a frame-off restoration, the car is completely taken apart, with the body and all components removed from the frame, so each and every detail can be inspected and perfected before the car is reassembled.

8BA Flathead

The 8BA Ford Flathead is a V8 engine, which came out in 1949. The 8BA isn’t original to the 1940 Ford Deluxe Sedan, but that’s okay, because it’s a street rod, and that means it’s customized to have more power and comfort features than it rolled off the line with in 1940.

The radio is one this that is standard in this ’40 Ford. It has original radio in it, and it still works !

According to the seller, this car runs cool when you’re in traffic, and the radiator’s electric cooling fan is set up on a temperature control switch, plus it has a manual switch to turn it on if you feel it needs to be on sooner. The seller also notes this 1940 Ford Deluxe is quiet, with no rattles, and the tires shown in the photo are not included with the sale, but a set of classic red steelies do come with this stunner of a ride.

By Laure Justice

A special thanks goes out to eBay and Izea, my corporate sponsors in bringing you this post.


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Black Ice: Stunning 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe Street Rod

While drivers in northern climates try to avoid black ice on the road, this Black Ice 1938 Chevy Business coupe street rod is the kind of ride no one would want to avoid, and this stunning street rod is up for sale if you’re looking to buy a street rod that really stands out.

1938 Chevy Business Coupe Street Rod for Sale
1938 Chevy Business Coupe Street Rod for Sale on eBay

Black Ice: Stunning 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe Street Rod

This ’38 street rod, named Black Ice according to the listing, has some incredible modifications, and it is a beautiful example of classic iron combined with modern technology.

This one of a kind custom ride features all-wheel drive and is powered by a 4.3 Liter v-6 Syclone turbo charged, plus fuel injected, and intercooled engine, and it has a functional computer and emission control systems.

Thanks to professional craftsmanship and obviously being a well cared for and maintained investment, this all-steel Chevy street rod is as much a piece of art as a it is a vehicle, and this show-stopper has been featured in Street Rodder magazine.

The seller notes that this 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe street rod is a project that was completed in June 1993 and it took 205 man hours, plus a chunk of money, to create this amazing ride.

The car has a lot more features that add to its value and the pleasure it would give its new owner, and rather than list each feature here, I invite you to click on the image to visit the eBay listing where this 1938 Chevy business coupe street rod is listed for sale.

The seller offers, in the listing, to share more photos and even video footage of the car driving down the freeway, as well, so if you are looking for a street rod to buy, or if you just want to get a better look at this stunner, be sure to visit the listing and make contact with the seller on this amazing car.

THIS, is the kind of Black Ice you want to encounter on the roads.

By Laure Justice

Classic Cars Online US is proud to partner with eBay to bring you this information on the 1938 Chevrolet Business Coupe Street Rod by showing you the ’38 Chevy business coupe street rod for sale in the photo.

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Fanning the Flames in a 1939 Ford Roadster Convertible Street Rod

Check out the subtle flames on this 1939 Ford Roadster convertible street rod! Imagine driving down the highway or cruising around town in this beauty!

1939 Ford Roadster Convertible for Sale
1939 Ford Roadster Convertible for Sale on eBay

Are Your Looking for a Hot 1939 Ford Roadster Convertible Street Rod?

If you answered “Yes” to that, then be sure to click on the image and check out this flamed street rod on eBay.

The seller goes into a lot of detail, and notes that this ride is also listed for sale some other places. (That translates to – if you want it, don’t dawdle.)

The custom paint on this rod is Wedgewood blue with color-changing ghost flamework, and it features a ’39 Gibbons body and a ’39 Ford grille.

The shine continues in the engine compartment, where the 300 HP 350 cubic inch V8 has a chromed water pump and a polished power steering canister, plus a polished Edelbrock carburetor and polished intake manifold.

The shimmer doesn’t stop there, though, because the 100 amp alternator and the A/C compressor are also chrome, plus even the exhaust system is polished to a pristine shine.

The customized interior features reclining bucket seats, leather covered door panels, and tilt steering wheel.

The seller mentions that this car has received the first and second place Best of Show and Best Interior awards at several shows, and on top of it’s beauty, it’s not a trailer queen, it’s a reliable machine that you can drive anywhere.

This is where I would normally add some general specs about the model of car I’m writing about, but since this is a customized street rod, I’m going to stop and encourage you to visit the listing, because the seller included so many details, I had to summarize quite a bit.

By Laure Justice

Classic Cars Online US is proud to partner with eBay to bring you this information on the 1939 Ford Roadster Convertible Street Rod by showing you the ’39 Ford Roadster convertible street rod  for sale in the photo.

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